This type of pack was designed to be consumed quickly, at each meal, both for hygienic reasons, to ensure that a bottle cannot pass through dozens of meals and from hand to hand, but above all, so that everyone can have it at the table the pleasure of a gourmet oil, intact, with its original olfactory scents, and not an oil altered by oxygen after opening the package for long periods; It is in everyone's interest that it reaches the consumer perfectly intact: the restaurateur offers the customer a product of excellence that he opens, we producers have the certainty that the product reaches the final consumer unchanged, who will retain the original olfactory experience and perhaps could seek our product, and last but not least, the customer satisfied with this attentive service.

      It is right in this case that the cost of administering this product is added, optionally and on the menu, upon request, for a demanding and attentive customer, for whom it will change very little if with just 3 euros, or a little more, he will have the possibility of having the best from all the points of view listed above and beyond.

      For the restaurateur, however, a lot would change:

      1) no more purchases of bottles that sit around for a long time, perhaps greasy, on the tables or shelves of the restaurant

      2) the possibility of offering an excellent gourmet oil that is always unaltered to the customer who requests it

      3) Do it without affecting company costs, given that it would be an exclusive additional service for the customer and of little economic importance for him.

      RaraNatura considers this a unique and advantageous solution for all figures: (producer) permanent quality product; (restaurateur) quality in the venue with costs completely reduced; (customer) attentive service with gourmet products with little impact on the final cost

      It will be Raranatura's responsibility to provide each restaurateur participating in the initiative with a certificate to display which certifies the use in his restaurant of an excellent oil awarded in Gamberorosso, Slowfood and prestigious international olive oil competitions

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