We started right from here... but it is also our point of arrival: safeguarding native, rare and endangered species... making them of very high quality and bringing them to the tables of those who appreciate them. We did it.

      This is our selection of "rare" oils. Starting with our flagship local cultivar, Acerenza, then with Racioppa and Cannellina, always present in our territory, even if a little more sporadic; We are high up in the hills, in Basilicata, in the countryside of Acerenza (PZ)

      All cultivars considered endangered by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies

      We do not rule out the possibility that in the near and therefore near future, varieties thus considered may be sought in other areas of Basilicata and in other regions, to protect not only the heritage of rare oils of the beautiful country, but also our passion for oil, for diversity or for varietal uniqueness