Nothing is rarer than genuine goodness.


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From the heart of an ancient village to tables all over the world: discover RaraNatura, which has brought green gold back to life from native, rare and endangered varieties.

Great high quality oils with international recognition and awards

Preziosi orci di terracotta Preziosi orci di terracotta

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Terracotta jars and caskets
Cofanetto regalo

Gift ideas

Elegant casket and terracotta jars

Rare oils

Our unique oils, obtained from endangered varieties, with which we receive numerous internationally renowned awards

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Oil produced in Calabria

Calabria…where nature and olive trees blend between sea and mountains

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Oil produced in Basilicata

Basilicata... where nature becomes rare and supreme

Discover our Lucanian oils

Oil produced in Puglia

Puglia…where nature becomes oil

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designed for catering, designed to make a difference

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High quality and unmistakable scents are the soul of our brand, which carries forward tradition and love for nature. Passion for olive oil, drop after drop.

These things make us unique

olio extravergine di oliva raranatura

This makes us unique


Gold medal olive oil award Zurich 2023

Prize for the “Asso di ulivo” bottle awarded at the international olive oil competition of the prestigious University of Applied Sciences of Zurich


Maximum scores for all bottles

Olive ace: two red leaves

Acherolio Millennium: three leaves

Monovarietal olive tree ace: two red leaves

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